Brigade History

Samford Rural Fire Brigade is an advanced volunteer fire-fighting organisation. The brigade was established in 1952, and has provided fire and emergency service response capabilities to the Samford District.

The Brigade responds to all types of emergencies including bush fires, house fires, vehicle accidents and rescues and is able to turn out from its centrally located station within 10 minutes of receiving a call. The brigade is staffed entirely by volunteers who do not receive any compensation for loss of earnings or expenses for attending emergencies or other Brigade activities.

The Brigade is funded primarily by a community fire levy system (currently A$25 per annum per property), and through generous donations of the local residents. The provision of risk reduction burns for property owners also brings in further donations.

Training is conducted each Wednesday night at the Fire Station, Station Street, Samford starting at 19.30. The first Wednesday of the month is reserved for the monthly business meeting. The Brigade’s AGM is held in August.

Our membership currently consists of approximately 25 active fire fighters, 14 probationary fire fighters and 28 reserve fire fighters, several fire fighters double in the role of Brigade administrators. All are unpaid volunteers.

New members are always welcome with local residents encouraged to become involved. For legal reasons members must be at least 18 years old, and possess a reasonable level of physical fitness. These requirements do not exclude local residents from becoming involved in a vital support role, within the Brigade.

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Current Fire Danger

Samford Valley Fire Danger: VERY HIGH - A fire with a ‘very high’ danger rating is a fire that can be difficult to control with flames that may burn into the tree tops. During a fire of this type some homes and businesses may be damaged or destroyed.
During a fire with a ‘very high’ danger rating, you should use your home as a place of safety only if it is well prepared and well constructed.
Samford Valley: VERY HIGH
Permit required for fires greater
than 2m in any direction.

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